Friday, January 07, 2005

Oil, Tsunami and Howard

The $1b aid package announced bu the oz govt is by all reckoning a generous commitment and marked change of heart for JH in dealing with the region. But it's worth noting that the prize in the region is the now devastated oil fields of Aceh.

This is just a test post.

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Blogger Gerry said...

Good to see you've started a blog, Kyan. I like your choice of pseupdonym.

About Howard, etc. Good point. I see it this way:
1999: Howard sees his chance for Timor Gap oil fields and sends troops to support East Timor's transition to independence. But not before letting Indonesia trash the place, killing heaps. Indonesia not happy, John. But Indonesia was "spoken-to" by the U.S. and it behaved itself.
2005: Howard pledges $1Bn in aid to patch up the rift. The money is not a problem because he figures he's got the Timor Gap oil fields in the bag. "Peter pays Paul" so to speak.

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