Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Waternup - a history of crows

How do you spell the words of a history that's been forgotten,
in a time when the future seems to be so uncertain...?

Did you know that, among the prisoners of Sandakan,
there was one young Arthur Morrison...?

He had to apply for citizenship to buy some land with the pennies he'd earn't
fighting for his country...

While other men were granted land for their small acts of gallantry...

Of course, he was not to be acknowledged, the shame would be to great. So now i negotiate...

Small memorials on a hill that once had honey possums. They died out a few years ago... me an' Sylvia trapped the last one.

It's called Watenup or Wardanap - that's the crow's business - 'look as far as you can see... now look farder ...'

So how should we remember young Arthur Morrison? Son of Mongalwar, a desert man who moved to be with his wife, whose son went off to war...for love...for life...?

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