Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Back to the drawing board - red shift conundrum

Anybody who thinks that astronomers actually know what's happening out there should see this latest observation shaking the bars of the current paradigm regarding the expanding universe.
A quasar has been discovered within a galaxy 300 million light years away. The only problem is that the quasar has a redshift indicating that it is billions of light years away!
The quasar appears to be affecting the galaxy and there is observational evidence that it really is in the galaxy and not just behind it.
Given that the relationship between red shift and distance has been a core doctrine since Hubble made his observations back in the 1920's this recent discover raises some seriously uncomfortable questions.
Mind you we should wait until there are further observations - another explanation may be forthcoming - the evidence that the quasar is actually part of the galaxy will need to be critically examined for robustness.

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