Monday, December 04, 2006

Kimbo - you're not dead! - Mark Twain

photo from "Fathering from the Fast Lane" by Bruce Robinson

Reports of the death of opposition leader, Kim Beazley, are premature. He was recently seen, holidaying in Kashmir with his peshmurga bodyguard.

Tonight, ABC TV carried his requiem following his loss of the leadership of the ALP and the death of his brother. Insiders revealed that the retro's had been in the can for years, and besides, surely the silly season had started already, all right!

Personally, I hope the bomber stays on and keeps the sharks at bay - reportedly, his parliamentary seat is hotter property than a 5c mining stock. But you never know, Rafaelo Carboni was a miner who had a few brains. But then, he was Catholic and Italian.

It's terribly sad but true that the events of the last 24 hours have guaranteed the ghoulish coverage of his brother's funeral and if I was to have one wish it would be that the media observe the traditional Australian rule of respect and not mention his brothers name. ...but that might be too I would completely understand if a holiday in Kashmir seemed like a good idea... Kim, my heart is with you and your family...
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