Monday, May 14, 2007

Last Bus Zone

Actually, its not quite the last bus, but I am becoming a frequent traveller between Albany and Perth as my persistent dental problems turn tumorous, that's hardly very humourous, they could after all be numerous. Sigh.

So it's so cold and gloomy today on the south coast and there's one carriage on that interminably long wheat train pulling into the port where the grain has been caught and some of it's even sprouted. The pigeons have seen it and make a great to-do, keeping up with the trundling train.

I traveled on the bus with a bloke just out of the army, last six years overseas, travelling on the bus was a bit of test for him, he explained. He didn't expect civvies to understand that...

He was the best company though...

Its come to my attention that people have internalized Guantanamo Bay. Nobody seems to care any more about whether things actually work or not. Nobody bothers to fill in your form anymore. The Breshnevian paradox. The systems going through the motions but its not really for anyones benefit anymore. It's just to facilitate and secure profits. So we have to stand up and remind people just who they are.

'if you want to live close to the edge like that
if you want to lie near to the fire
you've got to accept there's a risk attached
don't look back if you want to go higher.'
Bungarra 1983

Everything fragments...
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Blogger Howcum19 said...

Dear Bob
It sounds like a long journey - good to have some company on the way
I understand there will be more
contact me

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