Friday, January 28, 2005

Lula flying

They say that great times make great leaders, and that great leaders take their chances and surely that's true of Lula da Silva. Google news 'lula' and no more is needed to demonstrate this fact. No other leader can claim such objective recognition, nor I dare say can one claim as many stories as does the President of Brazil on this sunny summer day down under.
His people can sense their moment of history as they booed him on his way to Davos, surely no reater sign of hope in leader, can be given than this. For the Brazilian population has undoubtedly seized the moment that Lula has come to represent.
Today he is ineffectually papering over the over the outbreak of hostilities between Colombia and Venezeula, the next proxy war for the USA. The problem is that the Columbians went after some FARC commanders in a cafe in Caracas, Venezuela, that is. FARC, aka the Revolutionary army of the Resistance in Columbia, have had a safe haven in neighbouring Venezeulan coffee houses and with Venezeula not exactly in the U.S good books at the moment. Well you see what I mean...

Anyhow Lula's doing the double act at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre and the Davos forum in Switzerland. He got booed at the former and will probably get treated sympathetically at the latter, cause you know what they say when a leader starts going on trips abroad...
Umm.. didn't I hear somethin' about Johnny Howard's itinerary...
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